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Matthew Lee Gen and Daniel Franciss Chiew :') ♥
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 • 4:34 AM • 0 comments
Lol heyyy :D
Feel like err dah lama kot tak update blog haha xD
Kinda busy and malas to update siaaa -.-
So im gonna tell you guys my story and share something hm :')

Okay , masa bulan 3 or 4 something like that la if afrina tak salah , there's one guy add me at BBM and his name is Matthew Lee Gen . Masa dia add tu afrina macam hm "who's this guy lol ?' and afrina rasa macam nak approve or not cause nama yang macam contohnya huruf besar kecil besar kecil afrina tak approve sebab macam sakai and pelik . But then afrina rasa macam "hm nvm , just accept him :)" . K bila dah approve macam tu dia kot yang start bbm dulu haha if tak silap la xD dia bbm tanya ape ntah ha sebab status afrina time tu macam sedih haha lol so dia tanya then kitorang intro la apa la then dia cakap , "im gonna make you happy :D" and afrina macam hm okay . And dia send VN dia nyanyi gosh sumpah afrina melting dengar dia nyanyi haha k gedik --' dia nyanyikan lagu when i was your man and perfect two . Since that afrina macam hm rapat dengan matthew , we're playing true or dare game and all . Afrina tanya dia , then matthew tanya afrina . Pernah afrina tanya dia "other question ?" and he said "ILOVEYOU" , i still remember all this :') swear to god i miss all that moment matthew hm . Kitorang kengkadang cakap pasal kahwin dekat paris la apa la haha kitorang kawan and i've fall in love with him but kitorang rapat hm :') i miss you austin ! i hope you know that i always miss you friend :'D . And one day tu , kawan matt ada add afrina dekat bbm and his name is Daniel Franciss Chiew

So start from that , afrina kawan pulak dengan daniel ni after dia add afrina dekat BBM jugak . Daniel pernah cakap yang  , "Matthew always talk about you" and afrina macam oh really haha lol whatever . K then , after bulan 8 or 9 , matt cakap yang BB dia rosak and he gonna change to the new phone so now he's using iphone and we've lost contact till now . But before kitorang lost contact , dia ada send video dia hm and till now i still simpan your VN and your video matthew & i always stalk your twitter , watching your dancing video cover heartbreaker and one wish . I suka tengok you menari and dengar you nyanyi matt :') hm i miss you till now i still remember you babe :') !

Okay after lost contact dengan matthew , dekat daniel la afrina always share masalah and everything . He always give me advice and all :') yeahh time tu dia couple aina tau . Since dia daniel couple dengan aina , afrina macam dah mula suka dekat daniel but afrina tak pernah bagitau daniel . Till one day tu daniel dengan aina break up , afrina always with daniel , bagi dia semangat , happykan dia and afrina taknak tengok dia moody and always down :') . One day tu , dia dapat rasa yang afrina suka dia , and dia suruh afrina just mengaku . But mula mula tu afrina taknak mengaku but then hm ye afrina jujur ja dengan dia . Time tu , hanya allah ja tahu betapa malunya bila afrina kena jujur tentang perasaan afrina dekat dia . Sebab afrina memang taknak dia tau yang afrina suka dia . Afrina just nak pendam je perasaan ni but then daniel tau hm .  Then dia always cakap "ILOVEYOU" and all and that all buat afrina makin sayang and suka dia :') After dia tau tu , then a few days daniel bbm afrina . Daniel cakap ,
And afrina macam "HM YEAH I WILL :')" . Daniel were so sweet , he cares bout me and sometimes if tak dengar cakap dia , dia akan marah hahaha bila dia marah daniel comel sangat xD and i love to call him "DANIYOL" . Yang daniel pulak always panggil afrina "SHAKIRA and AFRICA". Afrina sayang daniel sangat sangat :') only god know how much i love you gedik :') Then lepas 4 or 5 hari macam tu , after afrina habis balik sekolah , afrina on phone and nampak status daniel . Tarikh tu sama dengan aina . Bila afrina tanya daniel , dia taknak bagitau and that time afrina dah agak and dapat tau yang dia dah getback balik dengan aina :') but daniel still taknak bagitau . After that baru dia bagitahu hm and you know what do i feel that time ? I rasa nak nangis ja cause you're the one that always make me happy but then i dapat tahu you dah getback dengan aina and its hurt me a lot babe :') . And i rasa macam i ni just you punya perempaun simapanan , even our relay pun kena sorok . You tak bagitahu aina pun , and bila aina letak dp bbm dia apa yang dia bbm dengan you , i baca ja i nangis . Sakit gila hati i :'( . And bila i bagitahu you , you marah i . I still ingat daniel , yeah i know you still love her that time . But i sabar je selagi i boleh sabar , cause i love you so much :') 

Then after that , you dah clash dengan aina , im the one that always happy . And since that , i tak nangis dah or buat kerja bodoh but happy i tu just for sementara kan daniel :') ? I dapat tahu pasal this girl nama Arissa pulak , you always kan bbm dengan dia , text dia and dia pun crush dekat you :') Text korang tu semuanya sweet sangat sangat . Arissa pernah bbm i tanya "YOU DENGAN DANIEL ADA APA APA KE ? IF YOU DENGAN DANIEL ADA APA APA RELAY , I TAKNAK BERHARAP SANGAT DEKAT DANIEL ." So i cakap dekat Arissa , tanyalah daniel sendiri sebab i taknak nanti i degelar syok sendiri . But bila Arissa tanya you , rupa rupanya you balas yang i ni "CLOSE BFF" you :') . Daniel , you tau tak time i dapat tahu yang you cakap i ni CLOSE BFF you , i nangis gila gila . Only god know how i feel that time and i just can't stop from crying :'/ cause its too hurt . Bila i tanya you , you suruh i sorok and jangan bagitau Aina and Arissa yang kita ni couple actually . And on that day jugak , its our 2monthsary and on that night we're break cause its all bout Arissa kan :') ? I nangis non stop when i read that text daniel :') you tak faham apa i rasa ! Sakit sangat sangat hati i ni :') .  But hm im trying to learn and accept that now were just CLOSE BFF . But the truth is , i still love you daniyol , i miss you so much and i still need you :') Sometimes i wish you'll be mine back :') i still remember all your promises , all your words :') i thought that you were the one that going to change my life from sadness to happiness forever but i was wrong :') i'll keep all your promise even we're friend now . Last word from me , "I still love you DANIEL FRANCISS CHIEW :')" . I hope you know my feelings towards you cause i'll never throw away this feelings towards you :') . Bye .

I MISS YOU :') ♥
Im still hoping and waiting for you #DFC & #MLG :') ♥